The Amazon Affiliate Program

By now you’ve seen it a hundred times, the big “Amazon Tick”, on book boxes, shipping bags, and containers of all sizes. Amazon has become a world class online retailer offering thousands of products to customers worldwide. But unlike the “Other Swish” that you see on sporting goods worldwide, the Amazon brand is one that can pay you some exciting financial rewards! Amazon is willing to pay you if you refer customers that buy from their massive array of products. All you need to do is become an Amazon Affiliate, or what Amazon refers to as an “Amazon Associate”. There are many reasons to become an affiliate, we’ll explore four below – can you think of a few more?

Amazon Affiliate Program

1. Keep It Simple –

You’ve heard this advice in many areas of life. It’s no different in Internet Marketing. The Amazon affiliate program is one of the easiest to apply for, and even better, getting accepted is usually very fast. In fact, even if you are not already in the program you can apply, be accepted, and be promoting products almost instantly. How is that for simple?

2. Commissions –

Maybe this should be #1. Clearly you are looking to promote products and services that will allow you to make money online right? With Amazon, you don’t need your own product to sell to make money as an online marketer. You just pick products or services from the Amazon portfolio and begin earning with each and every referral. Once you join the program and begin to explore the training and resources you will learn that many people are earning very nice primary and secondary incomes using this system. And there’s room for a lot more marketers.

3. Massive Product Selection –

Think of Amazon as a huge mall, like Mall of America. Every time you send someone to this huge mall, you get a commission on every item they buy – sweet right? Because of the huge selection of products you have many options to choose from when selecting what to promote. Amazon is one of the most trusted websites on the planet, so when you send you customers there they feel comfortable. So think about that, you’ve introduced your customer to a huge array of products in a shopping environment that is designed to make them feel safe and secure as they shop. What could be better than that?

4. Related Item Technology –

This is my personal favorite! Amazon has invested millions in their related products technology. You have likely seen it, when you are checking out or even just browsing, they are constantly listing related products. With carefully crafted leaders like:

  • People who purchased item X also purchased item Y
  • If you like item X, we also recommend Y
  • Would you like to take advantage of a discounted price by adding just $X more dollars to your order
  • Enjoy free shipping by adding just $X dollars to your order.

These seemingly simple suggestions and offers are designed and tested to increase the per-visit value of every Amazon shopper. What is especially important here is that this technology works for you, the affiliate, as well! In most cases Amazon will pay you commission on all the items your customer purchases during the visit. This set of sophisticated features alone can have a huge impact on your monthly sales and commissions.

So there are four reasons to consider joining the Amazon keyword optimization program, if you read through them with an open mind then you have likely thought of 3-4 more ideas along the way.

So keep it simple, join the program, test out a few products and promotions. Take advantage of the massive free resources Amazon has in place to help you become successful. Before long you with see this income stream begin to grow and you’ll start to appreciate the Amazon affiliate program as much as I do.

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